"Confidence: Think It, Speak It, Wear It"


We are women, and here at Lionnefashionhouse.com, we embrace our inner “lioness”. That means, we are bold, we are confident, we are strong, and we embrace it through our style and fashion.


CONFIDENCE comes in many different styles, shapes, colors, and feelings. Being confident starts with a mindset. You must know that you are amazing, beautiful, intelligent and strong. It’s not always easy to achieve this mindset, but here’s how to do it.




Your mind is the key player in your mindset. What you think about yourself is how you will treat yourself and ultimately how other people will treat you. Think positive thoughts about yourself. Fill your social media timeline with inspirational pages that uplift your body type, inspire your career journey, promote self-care and motivate you to live a happy and fulfilling life. Turn your attention away from sites that lead you to dislike the skin that you are in. Loving yourself is the key to achieving confidence.



In order to believe something, you have to manifest it or speak it on a daily basis. Wake up in the morning, look in the mirror and say “I’m a boss, I’m beautiful, I’m a queen, and no one can break me”. Speak life to yourself. Be your own hype woman. Stop saying things about yourself that you wouldn’t want other people to say about you. Your words are so powerful and by continuously hyping yourself up, you will start to believe them. Then you’ll start acting on them.



Love your body and love the way it looks in your clothes. At Lionne we make styles that you will feel confident in. Buy items like our https://lionnefashionhouse.com/products/city-girls-sets in a size that makes you feel beautiful and hugs you in the right way. Wear something that is a showstopper, lift your head up and walk in like you own the place. Treat yourself to a fit that you love, and only wear clothing that makes you feel like the baddest woman to walk the earth. When you dress with a purpose and dress to slay, no one can make your confidence go away. Make sure to shop our boutique Lionnefashionhouse.com for a look that fits your new-found confidence.


At Lionne, we know that all women have an inner lioness and we are determined to help every woman embrace it. Change your mindset, hype yourself up, and wear a fit that makes you feel confident. Loving yourself is key to feeling good and a bomb outfit like https://lionnefashionhouse.com/products/oliver? can help you to embrace that inner lioness. You are amazing, you are beautiful and you are a lioness. Shop with us at Lionnefashionhouse.com and join out Lionne social family at https://www.instagram.com/lionnefashionhouse/


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